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Ready to find Emotional Freedom? To change your mind and beliefs using  Powerful, science-based techniques? Play with resources that bring clarity, calm, and peace to your life and relationships?

This Community Membership is for you.  Buy now to have access to EFT Tapping, Hypnosis, and other powerful healing modalities for you to shift your life.

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Looking For Love: What Am I Looking For? A Dating Masterclass For Freedom

You want a strong and fun relationship. Yet dating is such a challenge and it seems the wrong people end up in front of you and wasting your time and money. How does this keep happening? Is the dating pool this sucky?

Build Your Confidence In Dating And Relationships: A Masterclass to Boost
Your Personal Power

Where did your confidence go? For some of us it was lost in early childhood. For others, it's more recent. And for everyone, you get to find your personal power in relationships and beyond.

I Have A Narcissistic Ex! A Masterclass to Reclaim Your Power

You can see now that someone in your life has narcissistic traits, and are ready to slam the door on that part of your life. 

Feel powerful, learn new skills, and start to move forward in this one-hour class to help you leave the past behind while also taking the learnings forward so it doesn't happen again...

How to Be Happy Being Alone: Change Your Life for Good!

This masterclass will take you through powerful exercises to empower you to find joy being alone. You get to let go of loneliness, find self-confidence, create stronger boundaries, AND have an opportunity to really define what you truly desire in a relationship- and how to identify it.

Overcoming Loneliness: Release Grief and Isolation to Thrive!

Are you feeling loss, grief, or loneliness?  Are you struggling with illness in yourself or another and really want to find connection? Perhaps you feel apathetic and are not in tune with the outside world anymore.  It's not clear how to move forward...

Heal Your Relationships: EFT Tapping to Help You Clear and Connect

Are you struggling with a friend, family member, or coworker?  Are you getting frustrated or angry certain people?  Maybe it's clear you are beginning to avoid individuals or situations.

Relationships are great, but can involve communication challenges, disagreements, and fluctuations in connection...

Emotional Freedom Techniques for Family Stress

Are you already feeling stressed, overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, or sad thinking about the family get-togethers? Do you spend time thinking about the time you are supposed to spend (or not spend) with family? Is there conflict, expectations, and unwritten rules about how you need to engage with others?

Release Jealousy, Insecurity, and Doubt to Have A Powerful Relationship!

Don't you want to feel valued and loved in your relationship or marriage? Are you ready to focus your energy on your relationship instead of your insecurities? See the ways in which you are cared for and important instead of comparing yourself to others and finding self- doubt?

Premium Classes

When to End It, When to Stay In Your Relationship

Are you in a relationship that’s causing you more pain than joy? Are you asking yourself when to end it already? You know that you love or at least loved your partner/husband/wife but you are now drowning in a sea of never-ending problems.

When we are in the middle of a relationship, it can be hard to decide if the relationship suits you anymore. Together we explore the toughest of questions. It’s probably the question that you are already thinking about all the time anyway.

Learning to Find Love: Find Your Soulmate

This course is designed to open you up to the very real possibility of attracting and choosing your mate, easily and effortlessly. You’ll identify past patterns and create a powerful new outlook on love and how to find the right romantic relationship. The increased behavioral awareness you’ll acquire lays the groundwork for a happy, successful romantic partnership.

L2FL™ is a cause and effect system. Cause and effect systems produce dependable results based on two key criteria:

1.  The ability to know EXACTLY what you want.

2.  The ability, skills and opportunity to say NO to what you don’t want so that ultimately you get to say YES to what you do want.

Path to Passion

Ready to feel more intimacy and connection in your relationship?  Is your sex life flat or nonexistent- and perhaps you think it's unheard of to envision a great sexual future?

This seven part series on sex, intimacy, and the pathway back to passion will bring you through a healing journey to expand your capacity to feel greater connection in your relationship as well as quieting your sexual frustrations and fears.  It will guide you to connection, playfulness, and intimacy with yourself and your significant other.

Free Introductory Classes

Harmony Within: Exploring Relationships, Healing, & The Unconscious Mind

Ready to quickly shift relationship challenges, create harmony in communication, reduce stress, and amplify healing using simple techniques? Are you tired of communication breakdowns with your significant other, family, or friends? You can tell stress is increasing as events approach and you want to see different results in your life and well-being?

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT Tapping) is an effective self-help tool to release emotions in the moment or around past/future situations. We manifest what we focus on! 

It’s fast, creates permanent change, and is clinically validated through research and MRI studies. See summaries of studies about EFT Tapping and the effectiveness for releasing states such as anxiety, depression, grief, fears, phobias, cravings, and more...

One-On-One Individual Sessions & Full Programs

Peace Program

Did you know that unresolved emotions and ingrained habits from your past continue to shape how you respond to situations and potential relationships? Your unconscious mind constantly refers to past stressors to determine how you should react to present challenges. But what if there was a way to break free from this cycle?

You may notice dating is a challenge, or that you seem to attract the same type of potential partners. Maybe your past relationship hurts still haunt you. Why is that?

Your brain and body cannot differentiate between past, present, and future experiences. This is why you can still feel emotionally and physically stressed when thinking about something that hasn't even happened yet or that occurred years ago!

By investing in this program, you gift yourself the freedom of choice as you embark on a journey towards true happiness with Dawn as your guide. You'll learn to liberate your energy, letting go of the emotional baggage that holds you back. Say goodbye to the struggles and welcome a future where you consistently move forward in a positive and empowered way to manifest the partner of your dreams.

Power Program

Discover the key to overcoming challenges in your life! Have you ever wondered why the solutions you've tried haven't brought lasting change? It's because the true source of your problems often lies deeper than you think.

Imagine if you could unlock the secrets of your mind's patterns and unleash your full potential in every aspect of your life. With this program, together we'll uncover and transform the unconscious programs that create struggle, stress, and emotional upheaval in your life. We'll redesign your core systems, beliefs, and behaviors, empowering you to make profound and lasting changes.

I also equip you with valuable skills and tools in this transformative journey to maintain emotional well-being, turn habits into healthy strategies, and create the gentle yet revolutionary change you crave.

By working together, we'll define your ultimate goal and paint a vivid picture of the life you'll lead once it's achieved. And here's the best part: We work together until you have achieved your results. It's like it's guaranteed!

Invest in yourself today and experience the profound shift you've been longing for. Act now and step into a future where your dreams become your reality.

Individual Online Appointments


Do you offer in-person services?

My main office is in Red Wing, MN. If you are looking for an in-person session elsewhere, call me at 651-401-6131 so we can make special arrangements.

How do I know what personal one-on-one program, group class or video class to choose?

This is why a personal conversation is so powerful! In our conversation, you can share your goals and desires, and Dawn will give you a few options that best fit your goals, time, and budget. You can book that using the 30-minute call button on this page.

Do you work with couples or groups?


Dawn loves helping couples find more a secure attachment, better communication, and passion in their relationship. Often we do one or two sessions individually with each person before working as a couple.

If your significant other is not interested in participating in the process, whole relationships can shift with one person beginning the journey of shifting the relationship dynamic and coming to healing.

There are many customized options for groups, including presentations, classes, and retreats. Call Dawn to engage in a conversation about your specific needs.