You Want A Strong, Supportive, Healthy Relationship

The problem is, you are frustrated. Overwhelmed. You envisioned something different, and all the advice and popular opinion out there seems to bring more confusion and chaos.

Whether You Are Single, In A Relationship, or Ending One, We Will Support Your Process Forward.

Follow The Path That Resonates Most With Your Current Status and Desire

For The Singles

You envision a powerful relationship that brings growth, happiness, and connection. Yet, where are they? Online Dating has turned people off and destroyed true connection...

learning to find love soulmate

I Am In A Relationship

You want to feel loved and valued in your partnership or marriage. And you get to!

Perhaps you see there is room for a tune-up (or overhaul) to create the secure attachment you crave.

Or, you are trying to make the right decision about leaving or staying...

A couple in relationship holding hands

Divorce is Possible or A Reality

This is a huge life change, and nothing will be the same. You may think about the hopes and dreams you had when you first were married, or you consider all the ways it went wrong and wish for something different...

wedding ring considering divorce

I Am Here For Overall Wellness and Joy

Whether you are interested in hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping sessions, massage therapy or other resources, Dawn has you covered!

Wellness and Joy through hypnosis, eft, massge


Do you offer in-person services?

My main office is in Red Wing, MN. If you are looking for an in-person session elsewhere, call me at 651-401-6131 so we can make special arrangements.

How do I know what personal one-on-one program, group class or video class to choose?

This is why a personal conversation is so powerful! In our conversation, you can share your goals and desires, and Dawn will give you a few options that best fit your goals, time, and budget. You can book that using the 30-minute call button on this page.

Do you work with couples or groups?


Dawn loves helping couples find more a secure attachment, better communication, and passion in their relationship. Often we do one or two sessions individually with each person before working as a couple.

If your significant other is not interested in participating in the process, whole relationships can shift with one person beginning the journey of shifting the relationship dynamic and coming to healing.

There are many customized options for groups, including presentations, classes, and retreats. Call Dawn to engage in a conversation about your specific needs.

What Dawn's Clients Are Saying

The tools Dawn provides have been life changing for myself, both personally and professionally.

There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have for the unconscious shift that has occurred. EVERY area of my life has been touched, and thrived, under the guidance and work that Dawn has facilitated.

Kaylee H.

I can't rave enough about my session with Dawn. Our 90-minute session felt lively and dynamic and was lots of fun, even though we were working on some very deep issues that brought up some intense feelings for me.

Elisabeth S.

Professional, enjoyable, and positive environment for personal growth!

Wade B.

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